Luciana Proaño is a Peruvian dancer and artist dedicated to multidisciplinary and cross cultural work. Having trained in Ballet, Modern Dance, Yoga, Peruvian Folk dance, Gymnastics, Athletics, Percussion and Anthropology, as well as having worked as dance reviewer and photographer, she has a unique aesthetic style which shows that her Peruvian heritage and world travels are blended deeply in her subconscious. She has lived in Portland, Oregon since 1994, from where she continues dancing, teaching and touring.

In her stagings, the boundaries between time and space, reality and dreams, are erased, as they are in myths. Her mysterious installations and performances -always using live music and with sets and costumes designed and manufactured by herself- are ritual moments that move the audience to an intimate soul search and to a contact with the archetypes through a sensual non-rational doorway.

Her repertoire and site specific or commissioned works are available for booking. Workshops, lectures, and yoga classes can be customized depending on need.