Upcoming Shows/Events

September 2017

9/30/17 5-8pm  Las Primas on N Williams - Family                                  friendly

August 2017

8/21/17 6-8pm  Mt. Tabor-Family friendly

8/26/17 5-8pm  Las Primas on N Williams - Family                                  friendly

July 2017

7/06/17 2-2:45pm Latin American Music and

                               Myths @ Midland Library

7/29/17  5-8pm  Las Primas on N Williams

                             Peruvian Independence

                              Celebration- Family                    


June 2017

6/01/17 4pm  Cully Market

6/24/17 5-8pm  Las Primas on N Williams - Family                                 friendly

May 2017

5/04/17 5:00-5:45pm Gregory Heights Library

5/05/17 3:30-4:30pm  Vineyard Place

                                     (Luciana solo)

5/05/17 4-6pm  Waverly Country Club

5/07/17 3-3:45pm Latin American Music and

                               Myths @ Midland Library

5/17/17 1:15-2:15pm  Harrison School

5/18/17 5:30pm Quechua Benefit @ MAC Club

5/27/17 5-8pm  Las Primas on N Williams - Family                                  friendly

April 2017

29 5-8pm Las Primas on N Williams - Family friendly

March 2017

25 5-8pm Las Primas on N Williams - Family friendly

February 2017

04 5-8pm Día del Pisco @ Las Primas - Peruvian celebration with special guest Beto Tataje

12 2-4pm Concordia University - Family friendly

16 noon-1pm Clackamas Community College

25 10am-1pm Cajón Workshop @ Artichoke Music

November 2016

All The Marys
Multnomah Arts Center
Saturday November 5 7pm
Sunday November 6 6pm
Purchase tickets HERE!

September 2016 Event Calendar

Every last Saturday of the month (8/29, 9/26, 10/31) No shows November or December.

Peruvian and Latin American Peña (traditional live music show)!

Las Primas Peruvian Restaurant 6 to 9 Pm

3971 N Williams Ave Portland, Oregon (503) 206-5790

September 2015

03 5pm Luciana solo at Hattfield Hall PCPA

05 11-5pm Blue Lake Park Day

12 7pm Private party

15 7pm Private party

18 Cajon ws and Performance Newport Arts Center

26 6-9pm Las Primas Restaurant

27 2pm Corvallis Arts Festival

October 2015

02 5pm Handmade instruments and clothing by Inka Jam members exhibit at Newport Arts Center w performance by Inka Jam

04 AM Portland Marathon

31 Halloween/Día de la Canción Criolla, Las Primas Restaurant

Upcoming shows August Event Calendar

3- Music in the Square "Pioneer Courthouse Square" 11:30-1:30pm

June The INTI RAYMI at Las Primas Restaurant 3971 N Williams Ave. Portland OR 97227 with Cañari Shaman Felix Chuma Pinguil Andean musical group Chayaq Nelson Salazar and Family Luciana Proaño dance group

March Event Calendar

The Rite of Spring, March 14, 21, 28 8pm at Studio 14, 333 NE Hancock

Peña, Latin. Afro Peruvian and Andean Jam Session, March 29th at Las Primas Restaurant.

Marinera Workshop March 29th at Studio 14 5-7pm

Yoga Lymphatic Cleansing Workshop: The Float Shoppe 9-11am March 29th

Ongoing Yoga Classes every Tuesday at The Float Shoppe starting at 7:30 am

February Event Calendar Feb. 1st. 6-9pm: Pisco Night at Las Primas Restaurant on N. Williams. Peruvian traditional and contemporary dance and music. Luciana Proaño, Martin Zarzar, Amílcar Alvarez, Rio Butler, Robbie Light.

First Friday Andina Restaurant 8-11pm Trio: JB Butler, guitar, Shao Way Wu, bass, Luciana Proaño, percussion;

Tuesday Feb. 11th 6-9pm Photo and Glass exhibit opening reception. Luciana Proaño, Rio Butler, Josh Lucas. At the Float Shoppe on NW 23rd & Quimby.

Saturday Feb. 22 Latin Jam, with Nelson Salazar, Diego Cruzado, Luciana Proaño and JB Butler. Bring your instrument or voice, there's an open mike.

At Studio 14. 333 NE Hancock, Portland OR 97219 Fridays 14, 21 & 28 at 8pm Me Siento Con Vallejo, English version. Original compositions and guitar by JB Butler, dance, costumes and percussion by Luciana, based on the poetry of César Vallejo, Perú's foremost poet.

Classes and Workshops: NEW: Yoga classes in NW 23rd at the Float Shoppe Community Yoga: All day Tuesdays. See calendar online at Thursdays 7-8pm Peruvian Dance Class, call to register.

Contact me at 971-275-0595 for private lessons, bookings and more information.


8/28/15 - posted by Luciana

More and more I've been working with Inka Jam. It has been a fruitful Summer with many activities at the Oregon Coast which I love. We've are also getting better known in the private party and wedding circuit. So of course I have not had time to update the website. I'm sure the audience would much rather enjoy the show than read my notes, so hope to see you at one of them!

I am happy to announce the beginning of my 2016 project "All the Marys" for which I already have two sponsors to thank: The Float Shoppe and Las Primas Kitchen. More to come soon. Write to me if you want to know more.

8/5/15 - posted by Luciana

August has started with much fun. I played at the Pioneer Courthouse Square with Tito Amaya. So it was half of Inka Jam but we were received as if we were complete. I am delighted to have Vania Morales as en intern for the Summer especially because she is such a great singer and has been sitting in at our gigs with her amazing voice. The great surprise of the day was Thimmaiah joining us with his beautiful South India chanting over our South American folklore. Enjoy his yogic tiger breathing demonstration following this link:

August 8th - Wedding in Oregon city

August 17th - Camp for children at Art Marks

August 20th - Lincoln cultural center performance

August 29 - Las Primas performance

3/24/14- Posted by Luciana

Imagination runs faster than time, so a lot of things are left behind. Organizing my publicity is definitely one of those.

4/30/13- Posted by Luciana A full month in April, meeting Lew Soloff was our highlight, we will continue to have fun together for many years, I'm sure. He loved being here and wants to come back. It was fantastic to be around an artist with such great maturity and sense of humour that makes you feel totally comfortable. The collaboration with Sylvia Cuenca and Essiet Essiet is something that we have treasured and will continue to foster against all odds. Art is an act of love.

We were also delighted to participate in the fundraiser for a documentary about Rwanda and to meet the young directors Emanuel Habimana and Natalia Ledford. The concert helped raise over $2000 dollars which will allow the filmakers to purchase archive footage. We are delighted. More donations can be given visiting their link in our contact page. Please help out. The goal is to present the completed version of the documentary on April 2014, the 20 year anniversary of the genocide.

Other than that we were pleased with the brainy audiences we got for "Me Siento con Vallejo" ranging from reed students to Literature professors Mathematicians and all sorts of artists and general public who made after performance conversations very interesting. This show is now available for pre-purchased private viewing at our studio, call for arranging a date: 971-275-0595. Touring is also possible.

4/2/13 - Posted by Luciana

I love having the studio, it allows me to be my eclectic self: performing, presenting, cooking, designing, socializing, helping, teaching. Join the fun!

3/24/13- Posted by Luciana

A special invitation to teach Peruvian Valse has come up at Dance with Joy studios. All the details in this link:

3/22/13 - Posted by Luciana Beautiful people have been coming to the studio, great conversations, let's keep growing. It feels as cosy as a house concert. A great sense of togetherness.

I want to share a moment of César Vallejo here:

I get sometimes an exuberant, political desire to love, to kiss affection on it's two cheeks and I get from afar, a demonstrative desire, another desire to love, willingly or by force, he who hates me, a little boy

the woman who cries for the man who was crying, the king of wine, the slave of water,

whoever hid in his wrath, whoever sweats, whoever passes, whoever shakes his person in my soul.

AH love! This one, my own, this one, the world's inter-human and parroquial, maturely aged

I want, finally, when I'm at the celebrated edge of violence and my heart full of chest,

I would like to be kind to myself in everything.

2/20/13 - Posted by Luciana The chairs are in the studio looking good. Ready to be filled. STUDIO 14 will be a place to watch intimate performances and have great conversations. Looking forward to have all of you there.

2/16/13 - Posted by Luciana Home again after an entire month in Peru with all the family, JB, Martin, Rio and Dar. That had not happened in 5 years. So many friends, so much family, such a large and busy city, will it stop growing? I feel touched by the inspiration of the few elders that are now left in the family, so lucky to have them and have my children exposed to them.

The music and art scene in Peru is vast and deep. What a pleasure to have had the opportunity to share creative moments with great people! Although we were on vacation, we ended up performing and teaching.

It's hard to conceive being in the world and not expressing our deepest language. Anyway, improvising being our favorite skill, we performed and jammed at the request of some very dear old and new friends: Pepe Chiriboga, Duncan Hayes, Rafael (Fusa) Miranda, Andrés Prado, Diego Salvador, Mario Cubas. I had not travelled with my costumes but the ocean is generous and gifted me with plenty of seaweed, shells and feathers, so that's what I used. Unfortunately I have no photos, but people in the audience were taking pictures so luckily someone will come forth with something.

I had the pleasure of teaching a last minute Workshop at Yuyachkani and a private viewing of their rehearsal for "El Ultimo Ensayo", definitely my favorite theater group. We also visited the beloved Ballumbrosio family in El Carmen, 130 miles South of Lima, who are still carrying out the tradition of learning how to dance and play music before they can walk or talk. I had not been there in almost 20 years, it was so cute to see the babies of the grownups I left as babies themselves. Of course most of the grownups (14 siblings) do travel the world as professional musicians. Seeing this family confirms to us that music and dance is intrinsic and necessary for humans.

I hope you join us for our dance endeavors of this year. With your support we can soon bring some of my favorite artists from Peru and South Africa to share their visions at our studio. I have been invited to go back to Peru in April. I hope you support that project too.

11/07/12 - Posted by Luciana We opened our new Studio on 333 NE Hancock at the corner with MLK. A beautiful building filled with artists' studios. I'm sharing the space with Jane Keating and Jim Skates, a couple of wonderful photographers and dear friends. So the studio doubles up for teaching Yoga and dance, shooting photos and performing. It's a cosy and intimate space and I provide Peruvian snacks at every chance I get. Definitely worth visiting. Call us at 971-275-0595 to find out more.

4/04/2012 - Posted By: Luciana I apologize for the lack of updates, but between facebook, twitter, e-mail newsletters, and all the thousand other things, the news page of this site seems to get neglected. I'll get better at it however! I've been hard at work with my latest show "Ancestral Beads", coming to Conduit Dance on April 20th and 21st. My old friend, Percussionist and Peace Activist Eugene Skeef, will be coming to Portland for a weekend of music performances and workshops. We will be exploring our common ancestry through rhythm, dance, and Poetry. Buy two or more tickets to get 20% off each individual ticket price! Click here to purchase tickets!

1/30/2012 - Posted By: Luciana Whew! What a whirlwind the last couple of weeks have been! Our Jan. performance of Ginger!?! was excellent, and now its right on to the next show, Flirt. This will be a show to bring your lover or significant other to, or perhaps meet your future one ;-). This show is a homage to love through poetry and dance, and I'm brining in a number of wonderful dancers to showcase dancing from around the world! Save 20% when you buy two tickets to the same show online and get your tickets early! Click here to purchase tickets!

10/21/2011 - Posted By: Luciana

Act early on the early bird special! Buy an adult ticket before November 17th and get $5.00 off! Get 2.50 off of the Youth Ticket (Adult is normally $25 and Youth is normally $15).

And if you buy 10 tickets (or more) we give you the 10th one free!

Click here to purchase tickets! or click on the tickets link in the navigation menu. Visit the Ginger!?...Bread Boy? repertoire page to find out more info, or follow us on facebook at:

10/21/2011 - Posted By: Luciana

We are now officially selling tickets for Ginger?! ...Bread Boy? Click here to purchase tickets! or click on the tickets link in the navigation menu. This will take you to our secure ticket turtle purchasing system. Tickets are available for Saturday December 17th @ 7PM and Sunday December 18th @ 7PM. They are $15 for Youth (13 and Under) and $25 for Adults. There are no extra fees or charges for using our system, so you really do pay $25 and that's it (unless you buy more than one!) We have reserved 4 seats for wheelchair seating, but we can accomodate up to 23 seats. If you have any difficulties you can contact the box office at (612)-859-1106 and we will do our best to help with your order.

10/16/2011 - Posted By: Dylan

Progress for Ginger!? now carries on at full speed! The website is now at an acceptable level of completion and is ready for prime time. Luciana continues to work on the costumes and choreography (we'll have sneak peak pictures coming soon!), the video is beginning to take shape, and this week we have a photo shoot with the cast and crew! Busy busy busy busy we are, and although opening night is 2 months away, we have much to do before we open before a (hopefully) full house!

10/13/2011 - Posted By: Dylan

Arden has a now integrated an awesome CMS for our news section, making it easy for non-coders and coders alike to add news posts and contents to the webpage. This post was created using that CMS.

10/13/2011 - Posted By: Dylan

This website is now live! Although, as you can probably see, it still needs some changes. We are working tirelessly with our coder, Arden, from Fine Design Studios to see the site to completion. Essentially, a two man team built this website from the ground up in about three weeks, and they had plenty of other office and managerial tasks on top of designing the web site. The final tasks are integrating a CMS for news and calendar of events, and tweaking the positioning and photo backgrounds of some of the pages. If you have any comments on how we could improve this site, please don't hesitate to contact us.