Chaski is the Quechua name for the running messengers in Pre-Hispanic Peru.

The original Chaski was premiered 1997 at Conduit, Portland. It continues to be an open ended exploration. We flow like rivers, as different waters on the same bed. We expect a path, then suddenly change course. And we carry on. When we think of time we’re never ready. If we accept time does not exist we’re always ready. The river cannot practice being calm for when the terrain is flat. The river rumbles vigorously as it enjoys the stones on the slope. Please join us being the messengers of this instant. We would not like to call this a performance but Luciana Proaño (Dancer), John (JB) Butler (Guitar), and Martín Zarzar (Percussion) will take responsibility of what might happen during


1 hour with no intermission

Technical requirements are simple, a 45 feet long room that can be blacked out, movable chairs or risers and the possibility of hanging a light set 15’ long across the stage area. We do not need raised stage, and will bring our own projector and amplifier.