12 choreographers were invited to pay homage to WOMAN by working with my body. This was an invitation to a collaborative adventure. Each choreographer was presented with the same information:

1) I am the dancer and may have a partner if they choose
2) Music is by Debussy. They must listen to 240min of selected piano solos and duets with flute and pick 3-9 min.
3) Pick a stage in a woman's life from before birth to after death
4) The choreographers will not see each others name’s or choreography until they are finished
5) There is a possibility of projections
6) There will be a 40ft. length of white fabric for their use in the choreography. All costumes are white.
7) I view Woman as a totem and a chameleon.

All the people I invited were familiar to me from different circumstances but most of them did not know each other or have contact with the others while creating their individual sections. The result of this experiment in collaboration was… “Faces-Phases"

Luciana Proaño
Jim McGinn
Mary Oslund, Greg Bielemeier, Agnieszka Laska, Alenka Loesch, Donna Oefinger, Laurena Marrone, Freila Merencio, Julie Ann Guzardo, Peshe Scott, Martin Zarzar, Rio Butler, Dar Butler
Dawn Weiss flute
John Mery, Classical guitar

Full Length Show