Ginger?!...Bread Boy?

This holiday season, enter a world of wonder, amazement, and joy with Ginger?! …Bread Boy? Childhood fairy tales, folklore, and modern life come to fantastical vivacity in one Gingerbread Boy’s journey. Join us for a mesmerizing evening where children and adults alike will engage in a world of adventure and unforgettable characters. Weaving magical landscapes, a spectrum of music, plethora of cultures, layers of understanding and mythology with a dash of satire, Ginger?! …Bread Boy? will satisfy your sweet tooth with this family-friendly multimedia dance and music spectacular.

Costumes, Choreography, and Dance by Luciana Proaño
Dar Butler in Dance
Rio Butler in Song & Dance

Music by JB Butler
Lyrics by Eric Dash
Storytelling by Anne Rutherford
Michael Dougherty on Bass
Israel Annoh on Drums
Video and Animation by Dylan Wilbur

Approx. 1hr 10 min