Luciana interprets the poetry of César Vallejo, the intense and innovative Peruvian poet at the turn of the 20th century. Born in a small Andean town, Vallejo lived most of his adult life in Paris during the surrealist movement and traveled through Spain and Russia during the Spanish civil war. A seeker of justice in the deepest humane sense, he became closely involved with the artistic and political movements of his time, equally in touch with his Peruvian roots and his universality.

Using a hammock, cajon, and voice accompanied by JB Butler on acoustic guitar, Luciana freely recreates and dialogues with Vallejo. The title "Me siento con Vallejo" is a play of words which translates both into "I feel with Vallejo" and "I sit with Vallejo". Presented in either Spanish or English, the dynamics and images alone are enough to carry the spectator through.

The piece was created in Peru in 1986, and presented in 1988 at the UNESCO in Paris for the celebration of Vallejo's posthumous birthday. It has been seen in France, Spain and Peru. Twenty years later it maintains and gains relevance as the world grows in sorrow and confusion. Vallejo's prophetic and humane poetry thus allows it.

Me Siento con Vallejo