The Rite of Spring

The simplicity of life, the gratefulness for beauty, the stillness of being, the restlessness of curiosity, the generosity of selflessness, the beauty of sacrifice, the acceptance of death, the cycle of life.

When I was three I used to dance impulsively to Stravinski’s Rite of Spring; at five I used to stare into the sunset until everything else turned dark and I blended in with my surroundings. Later I discovered that holding a posture or turning for hours would insert me into the eternal, as did dance and Stravinski’s Rite of Spring. I want to dedicate this piece to my late father who brought this music into my life when I was three years old and always wished I would dance to it. Maybe he still dances with me.
35 min


'Bird' is a divertimento performed by Luciana Proaño, Dawn Weiss (flute), and Lori Presthus (cello). Music by Heitor Villa Lobos, "Assobio a Jetto" (The Jet Whistle) choreography and ostrich feather costume by Luciana Proaño.
5 min

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