Peru is rich in regional dances, over 5000 exist. The workshop combines a lecture on the ethnic diversity of Peru with a panoramic illustration of the different music styles. We then focus on one or two dances of the coast and of the Andes. Students will learn about the contexts of these dances and how to listen to and identify musical parts.

Warm up exercises will place the body into the specific postures required and accustom the ear to the beat. Steps will be learned individually to later be adapted to couple and group combinations. Improvisation within the language is encouraged.

Let's make it the new fashion, PERUVIAN DANCE dance alone, dance with a partner, dance with joy, dance for fun! Sexy and energetic.



Sassy, rhythmic, energetic. Smile with us. This is a dance from the coast of Peru, South of Lima, from the Afro-Peruvian tradition. At the end of each class I will introduce a dance from a different region of Peru. So much to learn, so much fun to be had!

First class is free. Bring a friend to your second class and that class will be half off. Spread the word!

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$10 drop in. All levels.
Tea and snacks. It's a party!

All classes: $10. Register online at or calling 971-275-0595

Classes are adjusted based on specific needs.

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All Ages: Thursdays from 7pm to 8pm at the Float Shoppe 1505 NW 23rd. Portland OR.

Peruvian Dance