Zapateo y Cajón

Zapeteo is the Peruvian style of tap dancing. Learn specific sequences using 12/8 rhythms and polyrhythms with John Butler’s live guitar accompaniment. Rhythms are generated by the feet but hand slapping and voice are also used. This class is excellent for developing concentration, coordination and ear training. A sense of togetherness is also built through fun and challenging group game-exercises.

For students familiar with guitar playing John may set aside the time to teach them the guitar parts that accompany the dance. (only in the case of a prolonged residency.)

Cajón is the traditional Peruvian style box drum. The class focuses on essential beats and rhythms found in traditional peruvian music. From there we expand to each student's ability, exploring the unique sounds that the drum offers, the variations on rhythms and improvisation.

Classes are adjusted based on specific client needs. Please contact us for a quote.