Creative Dance

This workshop serves to create your own routine; be pleased with yourself and lucid about your surroundings. We stress that dance is not a collection of steps but an opportunity for communication through an enchainment of actions and reactions. Participants are encouraged to collectively create a choreography, this can get as involved as also creating costumes and stage sets, and eventually a performance for an informal audience.

The sessions start with dynamic relaxation to loosen up the joints and confront the sense of gravity. We work from silence into pulse to discover the weight of the body and discover space. Later we focus on coordination and attention: the connection between eyes, ears and feet.

The session adopts a poly-rhythmical quality with set rhythm exercises that evolve into student’s creations. Personal sequences are created and used in duos, trios and groups. The class is accompanied by live drumming or guitar as well as by tapes to inspire improvisation and add gracefulness. We may also experiment with costumes, props, and stage sets as necessary.

Classes are adjusted based on specific client needs. Please contact us for a quote.